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Ponytail Gives away Unlicenced Driver

A Manchester man who had operated a hackney carriage without a licence or insurance has been ordered to pay more than £900 and received eight penalty points in Court on November 6. He was stopped back in May and when questioned gave a false name and produced a fake licence that did not look like […]

Cheats use GPS jammers to steal fares

Rogue Melbourne taxi drivers have been caught using GPS jammers to queue-jump and steal fares.  As a result dozens of Melbourne cabbies suspected of using the jammers have been reprimanded or have been given their marching orders by one taxi booking network. The contraband jammers can disguise the location of taxis by disrupting satellite navigation […]

John Griffen gives Conservative party hefty donation

The Electoral Commission is an independent body set up by the UK Parliament; they regulate party and election finance and set standards for elections. Registered political parties are required to report quarterly donation and loan returns within 30 days of the end of each calendar quarter. The latest figures show that John Griffin, founder of […]

Nissan begins final testing phase on NV200 London Taxi

It has been reported that over the last 12 months, the new NV200 London Taxi has been undergoing an intensive development process by Nissan engineers. At the same time, Nissan’s design centre has been applying the finishing touches to the exterior of the cab, designed especially for the Capital. Now Nissan has begun London-specific real-world […]

78 year old Taxi goes under the hammer

An example of a 1935 12/4 Austin Taxi is to be auctioned. The taxi first took up duties far removed from the commonplace cab trade; it became exclusive guest transport of the world’s first luxury boutique hotel, Blakes, in Roland Gardens, South Kensington. Plucked from its more humble street life in the 70’s by the […]

Allied have their eye on London

Paul Nelson is managing director of Allied Vehicles, who manufacture the E7 taxi in Glasgow, trading as Cab Direct. In a recent article in a Scottish newspaper he revealed that Cab direct once again have their eye on getting their taxi licensed in London. The main reason that the E7 is not allowed to ply […]

Law Commission Consultation publishing date extended

The LAW COMMISSION CONSULTATION ON TAXI AND PRIVATE HIRE SERVICES consultation closed on 10 September 2012; earlier this year the Law Commission published an interim statement and the project had a deadline of December 2013. This deadline has now been extended for what is said to be administrative reasons and the report, together with the […]

The London look for Toyota’s cab of the future

It’s tall, black as Newgate’s Knocker and can probably turn on half a yen in the middle of a rush-hour snarl-up in Nagoya. What are we talking about you may ask. It’s Toyota’s vision for a new generation of Japanese taxis. In terms of basic appearance the taxi looks like something that might be flagged […]

UCG organise veterans shuttle service

For the fourth year running the United Cabbies Group was honoured to run a free taxi service for veterans on Remembrance Sunday. In conjunction with the British Legion, this taxi service has become an important feature for veterans travelling to ceremonies in central London. Taxis were ready and available from 8am at most of the […]

London wins Two top travel awards

London has been awarded Favourite UK City for the third year running in the Conde Nast Traveller Readers Travel Awards. London also won City of the Year at the Food and Travel Magazine Awards 2013. These awards follow on from the announcement recently by Ipsos MORI that London has been voted one of the world’s […]