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Tips for drivers and operators of School Minibuses

The safety of the pupils and staff should always be absolute priority. If you are driving the minibus even if you volunteer you are legally responsible for its roadworthiness.  If there are any defects found by a police officer you are responsible for points and possibly prosecutions.


It is also essential that you check the School minibus insurance documents for the following:

  • The uses detailed on the Insurance document matches up with what the minibus is actually being used for.
  • The total number of passengers is correct on the Insurance documents
  • You fall within the driving restrictions imposed by the Underwriters.


It is always recommended that any driver is given proper training to drive the vehicle with at least the following:

  • Familiarisation with the vehicle
  • Vehicle checks to be carried out before each journey
  • Procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency
  • Looking after the passengers
  • Securing disabled passengers wheelchairs, loading and unloading


A lot of educational authorities will provide certified driving qualifications for minibuses.


Section 19 requirements  


Minibus and Community Bus Permits, these are issued to organisations to allow a charge for the carriage of passengers. The charge can only cover the running costs of the vehicle they cannot be made to make profit. School parents may also be charged to contribute towards the upkeep of the vehicle.  The section 19 permit allows certain organisations, including schools to make a charge without the driver having to have a PCV (Cat D1 or D) entitlement, the school would also not need to comply with the full public service operators licence.


Teacher may be held personally liable if they drive a minibus without a permit if one is required.

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Choose Quotax the Minibus Specialist for your School Minibus Breakdown Cover

With so many of the major breakdown companies no longer covering school minibuses for breakdown cover, Quotax have negotiated an extremely competitive scheme.

Quotax are leaders in the Minibus Insurance market and have seen a huge increase in demand for our standalone school minibus breakdown product.

Most of our Minibus Insurance products have breakdown included but with so many schools having minibus cover through the council we are still able assist with the Breakdown policy. The School and Not for profit Policy has some of the following key benefits:

  • Home Start up to 1 hours labour
  • Cover for any driver of the vehicle
  • Wheel Changes
  • 24 Hour 365 days a year
  • Onward travel for the policy holder and up to 16 passengers
  • Recovery of your vehicle to the nearest garage
  • Roadside assistance including up to 1 hour’s labour

Please call our experienced team today on 0208 469 9679 to discuss your requirements.

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Tips for driving a Minibus

Minibus Fleet

Do not talk with you passengers unless to warn them that for safety reasons you are unable to talk as you need to concentrate on the road.

Keep your distance – You can’t crash into air, keep the space between your minibus and other vehicles

Don’t allow alcohol to be consumed on the bus, when people have a few drinks they often get noisy , this alone can be a distraction for a driver even if they are not engaging in conversation with you.

Do not take corners at speed – Minibuses can hold up to 17 passenger seats and this extra weight can make the minibus more unstable than other vehicles.

When you park the Bus park it well-lit area, away from other vehicles but in view of people walking past.

Anticipate – take note of other road users and give yourself plenty of time to negotiate your way around tight roads, remember minibuses are larger than your normal private car.

Why choose Quotax For Your Minibus Breakdown Cover

Quotax have searched the market to find a great Minibus breakdown product at an extremely competitive price.

We understand that whilst driving a minibus with a large number of passengers nothing could be worse than being stranded by the side of the road without suitable cover.

Our minibus breakdown product operates 24 hours a day and uses a network of over 1,500 breakdown recovery agents. The policy includes Roadside assistance and if the vehicle cannot be fixed at the roadside the vehicle will be recovered. Quotax have sourced cover that will take up to 16 passengers and the driver to a chosen destination. The home service will assist our clients if the vehicle does not start at home and will also recover the vehicle to a garage.

We cover almost every use of minibus from minibuses being used for school runs to childminders through to ones being used for large families. Please see out Minibus Breakdown Cover page for further details.

Minibus crash at Heathrow

Minicab Driver ‘suffers heart attack at the wheel’ and crashes into Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport

Emergency services were called to Heathrow Airport at around 5.30 a.m. today after a Minicab crashed into the terminal 5 building.

Minibus crash at Heathrow

It is believed the Minicab driver suffered a heart attack at the wheel, and he was taken to Hillingdon Hospital.

The thick fog in London this morning added to the chaos as a lane of traffic was closed off for some time following the incident.

Scout Group Minibus recovered by Police

Minibus Driver that non-disclosed convictions is spared jail following fatal accident

A Minibus driver who had a collision with a motorcyclist, killing him instantly, has been spared Jail at Bolton Crown Court this week.  The accident happened in Manchester Road, Kearsley, in January 2011.

The motorcyclist, Neil Cooper, was a 52 year old father of two, and his wife Linda died just four months later after suffering a heart attack.

Henry Hamilton who had been found guilty of causing death by careless driving had received a 12 month suspended prison sentence and was disqualified from driving for three years.  However he failed to tell his Insurance Company, Bollington, about this conviction for over five years.   He had continued to renew his commercial policy with them for his business Dunne’s Travel.   The disclosures only came to light when Henry was recognised by the Police Officer who had investigated the fatal motorcycle crash, when he pulled over a van in which Hamilton was a passenger.

He admitted to five counts of fraud committed over the period January 2011 – January 2015, and at Bolton Crown Court was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for 12 months, and was ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work.

The Judge in summing up said ‘You failed to disclose a number of particulars concerning your offending and your position to your Insurers’, which must have resulted in a reduction of your premiums and ensured you had insurance when otherwise you may have been refused.  ‘This is why you did it’

Jude Timothy Stead imposed a 28 day residency order for Hamilton to remain at his house in Masefield Drive, Farnworth.  He also ordered him to pay a £100 victim surcharge but made no order for prosecution costs or compensation as Hamilton is not in work or in receipt of benefits.  It emerged that he is being supported financially by his family.

Insurance Fraud

Driver involved in fatal Minibus crash likely to face jail over Insurance fraud

Mr Cooper a 52 year old keen motorcyclist was killed in July 2013 by Henry Hamilton after Henry turned across his path.  

Mr Hamilton was given a suspended prison sentence for causing death by careless driving. Following the conviction Mr Hamilton then failed to disclose the criminal conviction, points and fine to his insurers even though at one point the renewal was only 10 days after the fatality.

The fraud only came to light after the vehicle Mr Hamilton was travelling in was pulled over by police and the driver was covered under Mr Hamilton’s policy, after they ran further checks they found that Mr Hamilton was disqualified. Mr Hamilton then tried to lie about who the actual policy holder was.

Hamilton pleaded guilty to fraud therefore breaching his suspended sentence.

The case has been adjourned but the judge has informed Hamilton that he is likely to receive a custodial sentence.

Insurance Fraud

Duty of fair presentation replaces duty of disclosure

From August 2016 the insurance industry will see major changes to the obligation on parties to provide their insurers with relevant information.

Since 2013 the rules for ‘’consumers’’ ( an individual who enters into a contract wholly for the purposes unrelated to the individual’s trade, business or profession) have moved away from the traditional ‘’Duty to disclose’’ to the ‘’Duty of fair presentation.’’ On the 12th August 2016 ‘’Non-Consumers’’ (business related insurance) will follow suit.

innsurance legislation changes

The new legislation is designed to be less onerous on the customer and to place more pressure on the insurer to take more of a lead in the information gathering process. It is hoped that the new guidelines will stop insurers taking a wholly passive approach and then looking to deny cover on the grounds of non-disclosure.


Overview of the new legislation:

  •  Move from duty to disclose to duty of fair presentation
  • Commercial Policyholders should disclose every material circumstance that they know or ought to know, if they don’t do this they should give their insurers information that is sufficient to put the insurer on notice that further enquiries may be necessary.
  • It is unreasonable for an insurer to assume that the individual purchasing the insurance has every single material fact to hand and compels an insurer to dig deeper should they need further information.
  • The presentation of the facts to the insurer should give a clear indication of the risk to the Underwriters-this is to prevent submissions that are too brief or to prevent data dumping (where Policyholders bombard the insurer with vast amounts of data that is not relevant).


If there is a breach of disclosure:


Non-deliberate breach or non-reckless breach:

  •  Claim refused on basis information was available – All premium must be refunded from inception and the policy will be voided.
  • Increase in premium – The insurer could reduce the claim payout by the amount that was under paid at inception for example. If only half the correct premium was paid at inception the insurer may only pay half the claim.
  • Terms changed – An insurer may choose to alter the cover or excesses of a policy and settle the claim under those new terms.


Deliberate breach

  • The Insurer can void the policy and keep all of the premium paid but the Insurer must prove that the policy was deliberately misrepresented.

Overall, the new legislation shares the responsibility of the disclosure between Insurer and Insured and falls in line with the Financial conduct authorities’ big push on treating customers fairly. August 2016 will mean that brokers will play are more important role than ever condensing the information from the insured, presenting it in a way that is easy for an Insurer to provide suitable cover with a premium that is reflective of the risk.

Daniel Fosker

Director Quotax

School wins court case following sale of un-roadworthy Minibus

School wins court case following sale of un-roadworthy Minibus

Monk’s Walk School in Knightsfield purchased a minibus back in January from Fabio Devito but refused to take the vehicle away once they inspected it.

The School took Approved Used Sales Ltd. And the sole director to court which resulted in a fine of £4,600, costs of £1432.80 and victim surcharge of £120.

At first Mr Devito did not take the vehicle and the school contacted Hertfordshire Trading Standards who after appointing an independent motor consultant.

The motor consultant found a number of faults including a major fault with the steering of the vehicle. The accessor found the vehicle in its current condition to provide a significant risk of injury.

In his defence Mr Devito had claimed the MOT station and the appointed mechanic should have found the faults with the vehicle.

The magistrate also said during sentencing ‘’Mr Devito’s attitude was unethical and unacceptable’’

The school were never going to use the vehicle to transport children but were said to be ‘’very pleased with the verdict’’

Community transport charity TRIP raise £5,000 towards new Minibus

TRIP is based in East Devon and is a charity that provides transport for the local community, they are currently fundraising to replace an ageing minibus. They have a number of different vehicles on their

The minibus they are replacing has done more than 100,000 miles and the organisation are concerned that they may incur expensive repair bills to keep it on the road.

TRIP are asking for local donations and grants to get to the fundraising target of £29,000 and those looking to make a donation should visit the office or call 01404 46529

The newspaper The Herald have also chosen TRIP as their charity of choice at this year’s Honiton Show.