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Tips for driving a HGV or Truck in Snow and Ice

Lorry and Truck news

Driving Trucks in snow inevitably takes more time, please allow extra time for your journey.

Driver slowly taking your time and keep extra distance between other road users.

Other drivers may get into difficultly or drive erratically beware of other road users actions

Avoid any sudden acceleration, braking or turning

When it is snowing visibility can be significantly reduced, dip your headlights and reduce your speed

If you have independent retarders on your truck take care when going downhill as wheels can lock.

Snow can cover road signs, take extra care at junctions

When you have an articulated lorry with a load attached or a trailer brake over a much longer distance

If your steering feels light you are probably driving on black ice take extra care and reduce speed slowly

When you are setting off ensure you have cleared the snow and the ice from the whole of the windscreen.