Deano’s Debut

Dean Richardson vs Aleksejs Grustans – 4×3 Welterweight contest

Quotax previously announced the sponsorship of up and coming Professional Boxer Dean Richardson and we are pleased to confirm his debut on the 19/03/2016 was a complete success. Deano put on an impressive and powerful performance, fighting his way to 4th round stoppage over Grustans.

Deano remained in control throughout the opening round and powered through it letting his left hand go. Grustans remained on high guard during the first round as Deano applied pressure with his jabs.

The second round saw Deano showing how impressive he can be with his solid left hand and flowing footwork to match. Due to this Grustans found it hard to fight back and also received a count from the referee after Deano landed a heavy left hand, causing him to stumble back. Although Grustans was able to make the count he was soon put under pressure from Deano who came back at him with straight shots, swinging right hooks.

Dean and Team

In the third round Deano stalked Grustans causing him to be knocked back with every powerful left hand that Deano dealt him. Grustans had no response and kept up a high guard throughout.

The fourth round started somewhat shaky but Deano got his rhythm back swiftly and made sure he put pressure on Grustans. Deano’s approached worked well as referee Bob Williams intervened after 2 minutes and 31 seconds deeming Deano the winner.