London Taxi Company’s Unveil TX5 and 50% increase in factory site

Geely have announced an additional £50million investment in Ansty Park in Coventry to increase the factory by 50% to build a new breed of non-polluting Black Taxis.

London Taxi Company have now invested a total of £300 Million in their new site. The additional investment was announced during the visit of China President Xi Jinping.

Geely TX5 prototype

The TX5 prototype has a small petrol engine that recharges a 400 kg battery and is said to be able to travel from Piccadilly to Manchester on one charge. The proptotype also has an extra passenger set making a total of 6 which brings it in line with the Mercedes Vito, LTC only competitor in London.

The TX is also set to have a panoramic roof, WiFi, charging points and a rear hinged door.

David Cameron added ‘’The UK is a world leader in the development of low emission technology and enhancing these research facitlities will build on the expertise I saw myself when visited this impressive site earlier this year.