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Quotax Anniversary: 15 Years in Insurance Broking

This year, we’re celebrating our fifteenth anniversary! Since 2004, we at Quotax have kept a steady momentum to become a leader for Commercial Vehicle Insurance in the UK.

We’ve come a long way since our beginnings and that’s thanks in large part not only to our amazing clients but our fantastic team of dedicated staff.

Over the course of our fifteen years, we like to think we’ve fulfilled our founder’s original vision and then some. Read more below to find out more about our fascinating history.


Quotax was established by John Fosker. During his time as a London taxi driver, he built up a relationship with Ascott Car Company, a well-respected family-run London taxi garage operating in Bermondsey. The company is well-know for being the South Easts biggest Taxi garage, having begun operations in the 1960s.

John originally had the idea of establishing an insurance broker for London taxi drivers at Ascotts, with ambitions to reproduce the same high-quality levels of customer service, traditional values and customer loyalty that was one of the garage’s most famous features.

He was able to realise his vision in establishing what is now known as Quotax the insurance broker. that has gone from strength-to-strength.


In 2009 and 2010, John’s two sons, Daniel and Paul Fosker, have joined the business after graduating from university. Their added drive and determination has only helped the company grow.

In 2013, Quotax made the decision to grow its product range. Firstly, we moved into the Minibus Market, then hopped onto the other national “niche” vehicle markets. This includes the likes of vintage, recovery trucks, modified vehicles, commercial fleet and vintage vehicles.

It terms of the insurance industry, we have passed through many loops and hurdles, but have now become the number one most reliable insurance broker for the niche vehicle network and London black cab drivers.

Quotax Today

Today, Quotax invests considerable resources into growing our presence online and our efforts have resulted in competing with other brokers several times our size. Considering how competitive this market is, we’re quite proud to have achieved this!

John retired in September 2018 and has passed the business to Daniel and Paul. Under their control, the business remains true to its core beliefs of being supportive, professional and delivering exceptional customer service to all of our clients.

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