RHA – Brexit Clarification

RHA – Brexit clarification

Richard Burnett the chief executive of RHA has advised all members of the association that it is calling upon the government to clarify the situation for road hauliers following news that the UK is set to leave the EU.

Burnett continues on to say “Whichever way you cast your vote last week, the public has spoken and the UK has decided to leave the EU. We are now entering a period of uncertainty.”

“However, I want to make it clear that your Association will be keeping close to government to ensure the best deal for UK road hauliers. Rest assured, we are already in the process of arranging meetings with relevant departmental ministers so that we can stress the industry’s needs and expectations.”

Industry sectors across the board are still waiting to see the ramifications of the Pound in the current market.

Richard Burnett has urged members with specific concerns to bring them forward as soon as possible so they can be included in to negotiations.

Concluding he said: “We need clear, demonstrative leadership – and quickly – from government as well as skilful negotiation to stabilise the economy and address the concerns of the public in general and our members in particular.  The impact for us as a key industry provider could be considerable. It is our responsibility as the only organisation solely dedicated to the UK haulage sector to ensure that the issues are urgently addressed and the transition between now and leaving the EU to be a smooth as possible.”