Minibus driving on road in the sunshine

Why Hiring a Minibus is Ideal for a Staycation

In more recent times, when people say they are going on holiday, they usually mean a staycation. In the last decade, more people have chosen to stay at home rather than delve further afield and travel abroad. And with the global pandemic, any planned holidays going abroad have most likely come to a halt, which is why a staycation within the UK has become so popular. We have great locations and brilliant places to visit here in the UK.

But the dilemma that comes along with holidaying within your own country is travel, you usually have to travel and make your own way there (and back) to the destination. But, one of the best things about going on a holiday from home is the fact that you don’t have to worry about travel once it is sorted, it’s in your hands – not an airline or a taxi. This is why booking a minibus is so convenient, it allows you to kick back and relax, rather than having to worry about your travel arrangements throughout your stay. Keep reading to find out why hiring a minibus really is the best choice when holidaying closer to home.

Why Minibus Hire?

Minibus driving on road in the sunshine

Minibuses and staycations

Do I actually need one you ask? Well, consider ease of travel, not having to squish your luggage into a small car, much-needed legroom and space. What’s different between a minibus and people carriers is that people carriers start at six or seven seats and finish at nine, whereas a minibus can usually seat from above nine to about 17 seats. So if you’re going away with a big group (including pets) why not hire the larger option – think about all that space! (Please bear in mind, due to recent governmental changes, if you’re travelling with people from different households, then there should only be a maximum of 6 people from different households.)

Also, when hiring a minibus because it is usually for group travel, sometimes a member of the group will be comfortable being the designated driver. But you can of course have the luxury of hiring a driver as well as the bus. There is so much freedom in this as everybody can put their feet up and take it easy for a change rather than worrying about travel! Hiring a driver will make you think ‘why haven’t I done this sooner?’. You’ll find that your entire trip will become much more enjoyable and much less stressful.

Another bonus is the reliability, hiring a minibus will help you to plan and customise your trip to your heart’s content, rather than having to stick to public transport schedules and possibly missing journeys along the way. Instead of planning your day around set times, you have the freedom of staying at the beach that extra hour, or grabbing food along the way. Whether you hire a driver for your stay or drive the minibus yourself you can do as much or as little as you like through your whole staycation. This can suit your group (big or small), as sometimes people have different ideas of what they want to do each day of the holiday. Allowing room for lateness, customisation and having the ability to go wherever you want – why wouldn’t you want to hire a minibus for your holiday within the UK?

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