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Verifone extends Taxi payment services to Poland

VeriFone Systems has announced that a contract has been agreed to provide managed payment services to Glob Taxi Company of Warsaw, Poland, and its fleet of approximately 500 vehicles. VeriFone is providing Glob Taxi with in-taxi payment systems that enable passengers to pay with credit and debit cards, contactless and NFC mobile wallets, as well […]

Could personal breathalysers be made compulsory in the UK?

Earlier this year, France made it compulsory for every driver to carry a minimum of two personal breathalyser kits in their cars – even if they never consume alcohol. The theory behind the move is that if a driver has consumed alcohol, they can make sure they are not over the legal limit before starting […]

Fix for TX4 steering fault implemented

Since the initial announcement that 440 TX4 taxis across the UK were being recalled for a steering fault in October a further 16 UK taxis have been affected by the recall. This takes the total to 456 taxis across the UK and 325 TfL London licensed taxis. Life for these drivers has been extremely difficult. […]

Rule change needed for emergency vehicles

According to the latest poll by the IAM almost 50 percent of motorists believe that traffic stopped at an incident should keep a lane space free for emergency service vehicles.  They also agree that those who fail to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle should be fined, but 35 percent of respondents […]

Chinese E-Cars to turn London Minicabs Green

It is reported that Chinese car manufacturer BYD will help to make the streets of London just a little bit greener after signing a deal with the capital’s second largest minicab service to supply the city’s first fleet of electric taxis. Greentomatocars, which describe itself as “London’s second largest quality minicab service”, signed a Memorandum […]

Nissan Taxi seen testing in London

According to Internet site Autoblog one of their eagle-eyed Autoblog readers photographed the new Nissan NV200 London Taxi being road tested on the streets of London a few days ago. Not due to go on sale until the New Year, the ‘revolutionary black cab’ is already pounding the streets of the capital as engineers aim […]

Boris Johnson tells Taxi drivers to jump of Tower Bridge

In Boris Johnson’s speech at the Tory Party conference, he talked about taxi drivers protesting over the Olympic route network restrictions prior to the Olympic Games beginning. He said: “The taxi drivers were blockading the West End. One of them actually handed the keys of his cab to a police guy and jumped off Tower […]

Taxi fare receipt policy changed

From 1 January 2013 taxis will no longer be required to have electronic taxi meter receipt printers installed as a condition of the cab licence. In 2003, as part of a review of the Conditions of Fitness, Transport for London took the decision to require all London taxis to install taximeters which have the facility […]

The most honest cab driver in America

A Las Vegas cabbie is being called the most honest man in America after turning in a brief case he found full of money in his taxi. The man who has been a cab driver for seven years found a black laptop case on the back seat of his cab. He said: “I opened the […]

London Cab drivers still the best

New York taxis are world’s 2nd best, but London ranked number 1 according to a ‘Hotels.com’ survey. In the recent Hotels.com survey New York City was given a No. 2 ranking among the world’s best taxis. 1,600 participants were polled across 28 countries and London taxis were found to be the best of the best, […]