15 tips for Catering Vehicle Business Owners

Fish and Chips Catering Van


Are you a catering vehicle owner in the UK looking to set up a profitable business? Building a successful catering venture requires careful planning, dedication, and attention to detail. In this article, we will provide you with 15 valuable tips to help you navigate the challenges and maximize the potential of your catering business. Whether you’re serving delicious food from a food truck, a mobile catering van, or any other type of catering vehicle, these tips will set you on the path to success.

Define Your Niche:

Identify your target market and the type of cuisine that sets your business apart. Whether it’s gourmet burgers, fusion cuisine, or vegan delights, having a unique selling point will help attract customers and build a loyal following.

Craft an Engaging Menu:

Create a mouth watering menu that showcases your culinary expertise and appeals to your target audience. Incorporate diverse options, dietary considerations, and seasonal specials to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Location is Key:

Choose your locations strategically to maximize footfall and exposure. Consider busy street corners, office complexes, industrial parks, and local events where potential customers are likely to be present.

Build a Strong Brand:

Invest in a professionally designed logo, catchy tagline, and visually appealing vehicle wrap. A strong brand identity helps you stand out in a crowded market and leaves a lasting impression on potential customers.

Embrace Social Media:

Create accounts on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Regularly share appetizing photos, interact with followers, and promote your upcoming locations and special offers to expand your reach.

Attend Food Festivals and Events:

Participate in local food festivals, markets, and community events to introduce your culinary delights to a wider audience. These events offer excellent opportunities for networking, gaining exposure, and generating new business leads.

Prioritise Customer Service:

Deliver exceptional customer service at all times. Promptly respond to inquiries, take feedback constructively, and go the extra mile to ensure a positive experience for your customers. Word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable for growing your business.

Monitor Costs and Profit Margins:

Keep a close eye on your costs, including ingredients, equipment, and overhead expenses. Regularly review your profit margins to ensure you’re pricing your offerings competitively while maintaining profitability.

Establish Relationships with Local Suppliers:

Forge strong relationships with local suppliers to ensure a steady supply of fresh ingredients. Sourcing locally not only supports the community but also adds an element of quality and uniqueness to your menu.

Invest in Professional Catering Insurance:

Protect your business from unforeseen risks with comprehensive catering insurance. Quotax offers reliable catering insurance coverage that safeguards your assets, equipment, and liabilities, giving you peace of mind.

Leverage Online Ordering Systems:

Offer online ordering and delivery services to cater to the growing demand for convenience. Partner with popular food delivery platforms or set up your own online ordering system to expand your customer base.

Build a Loyal Customer Base:

Implement a loyalty program to reward repeat customers. Offer incentives such as discounts, freebies, or exclusive promotions to encourage customer retention and foster a sense of belonging.

Continuously Innovate:

Regularly update your menu with new dishes, seasonal offerings, and innovative flavours to keep customers intrigued and coming back for more. Stay ahead of culinary trends and adapt to changing customer preferences.

Seek Feedback and Learn:

Encourage customers to provide feedback on their dining experience. This valuable input can help you identify areas for improvement and refine your offerings to exceed customer expectations.

Network and Collaborate:

Connect with other local businesses, such as event planners, wedding venues, or corporate offices, to explore potential collaboration opportunities. Networking opens doors to new business ventures and cross-promotion.


Setting up a profitable catering business requires a combination of culinary expertise, effective marketing strategies, and a customer-centric approach. By following these 15 tips, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a successful venture. Remember, Quotax is here to support your business with reliable catering insurance coverage tailored to your unique needs. Start your journey today and delight customers with your delicious culinary creations while ensuring the protection of your valuable assets.

Comprehensive Catering Vehicle Insurance: Protecting Your Mobile Culinary Business

Catering Van Insurance


Are you in the business of delighting taste buds on wheels? Do you own a food truck, mobile catering van, ice cream truck, or catering delivery vehicle? If so, you understand the unique challenges that come with running a mobile culinary business. One essential aspect of ensuring your success and peace of mind is having the right insurance coverage in place. That’s where Quotax Insurance Services comes in. We specialise in providing tailored catering vehicle insurance solutions that protect your business and keep you on the move.


Expertise and Knowledge:

At Quotax Insurance Services, we take pride in our team’s extensive experience and deep understanding of the catering industry. We recognise the diverse risks and needs that catering businesses face on a daily basis. Our insurance experts possess specialised knowledge in catering vehicle insurance, food truck insurance, mobile catering van insurance, ice cream truck insurance, and catering delivery vehicle insurance. We understand the unique requirements and regulations specific to each type of culinary business, and we work closely with our clients to ensure their insurance needs are met.


Tailored Coverage Options:

We understand that every catering business is unique, and a one-size-fits-all insurance policy simply won’t cut it. That’s why we offer customisable coverage options to suit your specific needs. Whether you require commercial auto insurance for caterers, liability insurance for catering vehicles, or comprehensive coverage for your entire catering business, we have you covered. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to assess your risks, understand your operations, and provide personalised solutions that offer the protection you need.


Affordable and Competitive:

Running a catering business involves managing costs without compromising on quality. We understand the importance of affordability when it comes to insurance. At Quotax Insurance Services, we strive to provide catering vehicle insurance that is not only comprehensive but also cost-effective. We work with a wide network of insurance providers to offer you competitive insurance quotes for catering vehicles. Our team will help you navigate through the options, ensuring you get the best coverage at a price that fits your budget.


Superior Service:

At Quotax Insurance Services, we value our clients and prioritise exceptional customer service. We understand the importance of prompt and efficient assistance, especially during unexpected events or accidents. Our team is always ready to provide the support you need, whether it’s answering your insurance-related queries, assisting with claims, or updating your policy. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients, providing ongoing support as your catering business evolves and grows.



As a mobile culinary business owner, protecting your investment, assets, and reputation is crucial. Quotax Insurance Services specialises in catering vehicle insurance and understands the unique risks and challenges you face. With our expertise, knowledge, and tailored coverage options, we ensure that your catering business is well-protected. From food truck insurance to liability coverage and comprehensive policies, we offer affordable solutions to suit your needs. Contact us today to get a personalised insurance quote and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your catering business is covered.

Please call our team today for your Catering Insurance requirements or visit our Catering Insurance page.

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Art that moves: A guide to truck shows and truck insurance

Did you know that the art scene on lorries and trucks originates from South Asia? Drivers would decorate their vehicles with religious symbols to protect them on their long journeys. Additionally, the more decorative a lorry, the higher chance that a company would see it and want to hire it for their own use. Over the years, this type of art has become popular in the West with lots of festivals popping up to celebrate and appreciate the hard work that goes into creating this moving art. With 285,000 lorries driven in the UK each year the truck community is a pretty big one. Through their insurance of lorries and trucks, Quotax has built some close relationships within this community. Speaking to Gavin Hicks, we provide you with all the tips and information you need to get involved and be successful at one of the many UK truck shows.

How did you become interested in the trucking community and particularly in truck art?
I’ve worked in haulage for most of my working life and therefore spend a lot of time in my truck and around other trucks. Being on the road a lot, I wanted a hobby that would suit my lifestyle and which I could enjoy with my friends. After trying a few different ones first, and after seeing some of my friends show trucks, this became a natural interest of mine and has since developed into something I’m very passionate about.

How do you decide on the design of your show truck?
There are lots of different designs, some are more current themes such as the Minions, and others are more classic retro styles. Personally, I wanted something that would stay timeless, not aging, and would always be recognised and loved. As a massive James Bond fan, having a 007 themed truck seemed only right. Not only is it classically British but it’s iconic and something which everyone can appreciate.

How long is the process from first design to completion?
It’s difficult to say because everyone is different; some people have a really clear vision of what they want their truck to look like and then it’s just about how much time you have available to spend on creating it. For others, like me, ideas can change and evolve as you see other show trucks and get influenced by them. It is also an ongoing process. The more shows you go to, the more new ideas you get and want to upgrade your truck. That’s what I love about it- it’s an ongoing process and you can always better your truck.

Do you take your truck to shows and if so what is your favourite show to go to?
Yes, I love going to shows! Due to Covid, a lot of the shows over the last year and a half have been cancelled which means, now that restrictions are easing, there are lots going on this year- I’ve got one nearly every weekend. My favourite has to be the Retro Truck Show. It’s one of the main ones in the UK and has the best atmosphere. Every truck there is of such high quality, it really is impressive.

What would be some of your top tips for people wanting to place in a truck show competition?
I think deciding on a budget and then accepting you won’t stick to that budget, is key. You can create amazing trucks but they do require time and money. However, detail and presentation are easily the most important factors. A truck that has intricate design details always stands out. It’s also super important to have good friends. Going to these shows with other people who share your passion really makes all the difference and makes it all so much more enjoyable.

What are the best communities for people to join who are new to this?
There are so many amazing communities out there and lots of welcoming groups on Instagram and Facebook! I’m part of two Facebook groups and we are all lovely and happy to welcome new members to our community- @trucksthatshine and @southwesttruckers

What made you decide to insure your truck with Quotax?
There are not many insurance companies who will not only insure trucks, but insurance them at a good price. I am very lucky that I found Quotax and knowing that I have good insurance has definitely helped make the process of getting into truck art a lot smoother. Also, it has provided me with a sense of ease which has meant that I can enjoy my hobby without the worry or concern of insurance.

We know it can be difficult to find insurance that covers your individual needs but we also understand that everyone has to start somewhere. At Quotax, we offer a range of insurance policies from Classic Lorry or Truck insurance for those vintage vehicles, to finding you tailored cover for your HGV. For more information about our insurance policies or to get a quote, please contact us on 0208 691 9691 or visit the contact page for other ways to contact us.

From lost jobs to increased health burdens, COVID-19 has had many effects across the world. One of the pandemic's most notable effects is the shortage of lorry drivers, Quotax explores.

Jobs open up for lorry drivers

COVID-19 delayed over 30,000 tests for new drivers in the UK. Also, the government halted driving lessons to help control the spread of the virus, leading to a shortage of drivers in the country. 

However, COVID-19 is not solely to blame. Brexit has also contributed to the reduction of lorry and truck drivers in the country. Thanks to Brexit, companies have reported that over 15,000 European heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers left the country last year. 

Previously, drivers were required to have a community license and a standard international operator’s license to travel across EU and EAA countries. However, with the UK leaving the EU, HGV drivers could not use the EU Community License anymore. Some left the country to seek employment elsewhere, while others left the driver’s job. 

Regardless of the cause of the HGV driver shortage, the effect is being felt all over the country. Currently, there is a shortage of more than 65,000 trained drivers across the country, affecting the speed and cost of delivery of products. 

Some products are not getting to shelves in time. With driver shortage, it takes more time to transport some products from one point to the other. As a result, perishable goods are going bad, resulting in losses to farmers and other suppliers.

We expect to have some empty shelves in the supermarkets or food stores in the coming months. The problem is even becoming worse with the hospitality businesses having been opened recently. Also, the shortage of drivers is likely to affect the prices of certain products. 

What is the way forward?

In late June, the UK government held a meeting with logistic groups, retailers, and wholesalers. The main aim was to discuss the driver shortage and find solutions to the impending crisis.

Following the meeting, the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) outlined several potential solutions, including:

  • Prioritise driving tests for HGV drivers
  • Add HGV drivers on Government’s Skilled Worker Shortage Occupation List
  • Minimise the restrictions on HGV drivers’ working hours
  • Introduce other training schemes
  • Give seasonal visas to qualified HGV drivers
  • Launch better working conditions for drivers. 

The country is currently facing a summer of food shortage, and the government will do everything possible to solve this problem.

What does this mean to lorry drivers?

Increased pay

Although it is a nightmare for most UK citizens, the shortage of drivers could be a jackpot for the current and upcoming HGV drivers. Currently, HGV driver’s earnings range from £18,500 to £35,000. If the shortage persists, drivers would undoubtedly receive a pay rise to help lure more drivers into the sector. Some companies have already begun increasing the drivers’ pay across the country.  

Better working conditions

Drivers are also likely to receive better working conditions under the country’s reformed rules. As stated by Defra, the restrictions on HGV drivers are likely to be minimised in the coming months. 

There is a job opening for foreigners

 If you’re an HGV driver and have always dreamed of working in the UK, this could be the chance for you. Among the suggested solutions includes putting the drivers on the official shortage occupation list to make it easier for foreign drivers to come to the UK.

The driver shortage is becoming a norm in the UK – and that is a problem. The number of empty shelves in supermarkets is increasing, and the cost of products is going up. The UK government understands this, which is why it held a meeting with wholesalers and retailers to discuss potential solutions. Defra suggests enhancing the HGV drivers’ working conditions and making it easy for foreign drivers to work in the UK in a bid to entice new drivers.

Get in touch

Here at Quotax, we offer an extremely broad range of insurance policies, including various truck and lorry policies, which you can view here.

Need black cab insurance for a short trip, or are you in need of long term cover? We have you covered here at Quotax Insurance. Take a look at our various insurance options here.  Quotax are committed to bringing you the best and most competitively priced in the market, offering a 5-star service to all of our customers. 

1950s Red Leyland truck

Case Study: Vintage Truck Insurance

How often do you see a 1950s vintage truck, in great condition, driving around on the roads? Not often at all!
We had the pleasure of speaking to Christopher, the owner of a 1950s Leyland truck, who had recently taken out an insurance policy with us. In this article, discover how and why he purchased this vehicle, what his favourite features are and why he decided to use Quotax to insure his pride and joy.

Tell us a little bit about your background and the truck you own.

1950s Red Leyland truck

1950s Leyland truck

I’ve been a lorry driver for over 40 years and, in March this year, I decided to treat myself to a vintage truck to use for leisure.
In my search, I found two trucks that caught my eye – one on eBay, and one in an auction in Skegness. Initially, I visited the truck I saw on eBay which I really liked the look of; I took the truck for a little test drive to discover how it ran and enjoyed the experience. Although I liked the vehicle, I did decide to see the other truck the next day before making a decision.
After visiting the auction, I realised my heart was set on the first vintage truck I visited the previous day – a 1950s Leyland Beaver BRS truck. I went down the next Friday with my son to take it home – it was just under a 6-hour drive! The truck made it home safely and I haven’t looked back.

Where did your passion for vintage trucks come from?

My father was also a lorry driver, so the passion has been passed down to me from him. Also I love driving, and having the privilege of driving a 70+-year-old truck makes driving even more exciting!

With the truck you insured with us at Quotax, what were the main reasons for purchasing this vehicle? What would be your favourite feature?

I initially liked the look of the truck, as well as its heritage, which is why I wanted to view it in the flesh – when I liked what I saw, I purchased it! The truck can also be worked on to adjust and personalise aspects which really appealed to me, as I see this an on-going project that I can work on as and when I please.

Is this the only truck you own or do you have any others?

This is my first, and only, vintage truck.

Do you attend any rallies or special events with your truck?

I do plan to attend special events with my vintage truck at some point as I’d really enjoy that. Once the Covid-19 pandemic settles down, there may be many events that will be held where I can share my new vintage truck with other enthusiasts.

Did you modify your truck after purchasing it?

I’ve been doing the inside of the cab up, as the interior had a dirty brown colour to it. I have now managed to clean it up and I’m in the process of rubbing it down and repainting the metalwork to bring some life back into the vehicle.
When I purchased the truck, there were a number of stickers on the bodywork, which I’ve since had removed, which has made it look much cleaner, and I believe brought it back to its original look.

Unfortunately, as the seller explained to me, my Leyland truck had been stood unused for 5 years, so it ended up with an oil leak in the gearbox which needed to be fixed, but I’ve sorted that now. The mechanic I chose was a big fan of the truck and he managed to replace the part really quickly, so that gave me one less thing to worry about!
After the oil leak was fixed, I had to order a special thick gear oil, which is quite difficult to get hold of, as synthetic oils are mostly used nowadays. Purchasing synthetic oil for older vehicles, such as my Leyland vintage truck, can cause detrimental damage but luckily I found somewhere local that supplied it, so I can ensure it runs properly.

Do you think you’ll purchase any more vintage trucks in the future?

Yes I would – I found one in Preston I liked but, unfortunately, the seller didn’t get back to me about it so I decided to stop pursuing that vehicle in the end.

When looking to have your truck insured, what did you feel was important to consider?

As it’s such an old, unique vehicle, I wanted a top-notch insurance policy for it. Due to its age, there is a much higher chance that things will go wrong, so I wanted to find a policy that would provide me with a fully comprehensive cover with breakdown recovery.

So how did you discover Quotax?

Somebody I know actually mentioned Quotax to me as an insurance option, and recommended them, so that promoted me to Google the name.

Tell me about your experience with Quotax, from when you initially contacted them.

Once I found the Quotax website, I rang up to enquire about my vintage truck. From the very beginning, the sales representative was extremely understanding and listened to my needs. Due to my unique requirements, they explained that the correct policy would need to be put together for me, and Quotax came back within a couple of days with the policy details and quote.

The representative found me a policy that I was very happy with, providing the cover I needed at a great price. So, without hesitation, I took the policy out.

Would you recommend Quotax for vehicle insurance? Tell us why.

I would fully recommend Quotax Insurance. The level of service was something I very much appreciated, and I was happy to take a policy out with them before even knowing what the quote would be as a result.

Unfortunately, I did have some unpleasant experiences with other insurance companies when I was looking for someone to insure my truck with, either showing no interest in helping me or simply not being able to provide me with the policy I needed. However, I did find my experience with Quotax very refreshing, as the representative was really pleasant and not at all pushy.

Was there anything else you would like to add?
I am very happy with my purchase, I love taking the truck for rides on late Saturday afternoon. People around me have shown such an interest in the vehicle and they take pictures of it – one person even asked to take a look inside!

We agree that this is such a fantastic vehicle and we are thrilled that Christopher is now a customer of ours.
Are you looking for an insurance quote? No matter how old or unique your vehicle is, we are here to help. Speak with our friendly team for a competitive quote.

Lorries parked in a row

Top 5 Facts about Lorries

Are you a lorry driver, love lorries or are just plain interested in the facts about lorries? You have come to the right place. At Quotax we deal with all types of lorry insurance from horse boxes to HGVs, this means that over years we have come to know quite a few fun facts about lorries. And we’re here to share them with you. So keep reading to find out our top five facts about lorries, you’ll be surprised! If you have any facts you’d like to share – get in touch with us on our social media, we’d love to know what you have found over the years.

The word lorry was first used in English in 1838 referring to a luggage truck on a train.

Coming in at number one is this beauty. Did you know that? To explain a little more behind this

the word ‘truck’ actually comes from the Greek word for wheel: ‘Trochos’. It first appeared in the English language around 161
1 meaning small wheel or roller, specifically the sort mounted under cannons aboard warships.

The methane in the flatulence of one sheep could power a small lorry to go 25 miles a day.

Lorries parked in a row

5 facts about lorries

There is very much a lot of truth behind this one as a sheep’s digestive process produces methane gas, which can be burned as fuel (according to research in New Zealand). And this is why recently, lorries have been powered on diesel fuel made of lamb fat.

More than 80 per cent of all goods we consume are carried by UK-registered lorries.

Can you believe that? 80%? This explains why road delivery contributes £22.9 billion a year to the economy.

There are an estimated 285,000 lorry drivers in the UK.

This seems like a huge amount but despite a national recruitment drive by the Road Haulage Association, there continues to be a growing crisis with around 50 drivers leaving the occupation daily.

The amount of beer carried by UK lorries in a year would be enough to fill Wembley stadium.

Think of all that beer! That’s a truckload (pun intended). Without lorry drivers, most of our food, drinks and clothes wouldn’t be correctly transported within the UK. So to our lorry drivers – we thank you!

Why not call us today for a free classic lorry or truck insurance quote on 0208 691 9691. We will find the best insurance and requirements for the best price. Find out more about our services here.

Important Information regarding our Deptford office

In response to the government’s latest Social Distancing measures, we have taken the tough decision to no longer meet with our valued customers face to face. With this in mind, our office based on site at Ascott Cab Company, Blackhorse Road, Deptford will be temporarily closed.

Please rest assured, we have a comprehensive business continuity plan to ensure we continue to support you through these difficult times.

We want to reassure you we are very much still open for business and will work tirelessly to offer you the same professional advice and guidance during these uncertain times. Please feel free to contact us in all the normal ways;

  • Contacting us via phone: 0208 691 9691
  • You can send us documents to us via our business whatsapp on: 07853 411043
  • You can contact our administration team (and forward requested documents) via email on: admin@quotax.net
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  • If you have had a claim please contact our claims line on 0203 928 7337. If you would like to contact your insurer directly, a list of our insurers’ claims numbers can be found at www.quotax.net/how-to-claim/

We remain as always committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees and the people and communities we serve. We will continue to keep you informed using the best information and guidance available to us.

Truck Shows For Your Diary

2019 has already seen a number of fantastic truck shows for truck lovers to visit, but if you haven’t already seen enough trucks this year here are some more events that are well worth going to:

Cumbria Power weekend – Pull and Truck show at Carlisle
Date: June 29th and June 30th 2019
Location: Kirkbride Airfield
Kirkbride Airfield

The event is organised by the Cumbria Tractor Pulling Club and this sees some of the best Tractors from across the country attend.

As well as the Tractors there is also a great Truck show with the following classes:

Best Artic Truck Unit
Best Rigid Truck (over 7.5ton)
Best Light Commercial (up to 7.5ton)
Best Classic & Vintage Truck
Best New Truck (up to 2years)
Best senior Truck (8years & over)
Best Owner Driver
Best Fleet (2 or more)
Best Custom Truck
Best Cumbrian Truck
Best Specialist Truck (Hiab, Sweeper, Tipper etc)
Truck of the Show (Entered in automatically)

Camping is also available for this event and there are bars and refreshments available.

Convoy in the Park
Date: August 10th and 11th 2019
Location: Donington Park Circuit
Castle Donington
DE74 2RP

This family friendly event is marketed as the ultimate celebration of trucks, drivers and life on the road. If you have a show truck this a event not to be missed with over 1,000 show trucks being on display. There are vintage trucks, trucks of different sizes and uses. Over the weekend there is also the opportunity to see the following:

Racing Action – British truck racing, Pickup truck racing championship, Legends cars championship, Britcar Endurance championship, Renault UK Clio Cup Junior and 2CV Championship.
Live Music
Kids Entertainers
Trade Stands
Stunt Shows
Monster Truck Rides

Also at the event is a used truck village, if you are looking to purchase a truck this is a great place to find one (don’t forget to call us for a quote as we have great rates for Truck insurance J).

Tickets are priced at £20 for an adult and kids under 13 go free.

Truckfest 2019 dates

Truckfest North East
Date: June 15th and 16th 2019
Location: Wolsingham Showground

Truckfest West Midlands and Wales
Date: June 29th and 30th 2019
Location: Three Countries Showground

Truckfest West Scotland
Date: June 29th and 30th 2019
Location: Three Countries Showground

Truckfest South West
Date: 31st Aug and 1st Sept 2019
Location: Royal bath & West Showground
Shepton Mallet

Truckfest South East
Date: Sept 14th and 15th 2019
Location: Cheshire Showground

Truckfest Orignial – Season Finale
Date: Oct 5th and 6th 2019
Location: Newark & Notts Showground

Truckfest is one of the largest outdoor events in the UK with a number of shows across the country. Each show has family entertainment, celebrity guests, over 3000 trucks across all events as well as onsite camping.

Retro Truck Show – Showcasing Trucks from 1970 to 2000
Date: Sept 7th and 8th 2019
Location: British Motor Museum
Banbury Road
CV35 0BJ

This event displays some of the very best modern classic trucks from 1970s to 2000 from across the UK, France and the EU. Trucks you will see there include DAFs, Scanias and Volvos as well as many others. Tickets are priced from £14.50 for adults and there is also camping available.

Here at Quotax we have a number of schemes to cater for a wide variety of Trucks from show trucks to lorries used for haulage – please give our team a call on 0208 691 9691.

2018 – Classic Truck and Commercial Vehicle shows for your diary

As we enter 2018 it is time to open up your new diaries and book some important dates for the year’s Classic Truck and Van shows.

Classic Truck shows are a great way to buy parts that you have been unable to get hold of, admire other people’s restorations, share stories and have a good time.

Further details for all of these shows can be found online and we always recommend giving the organisers a call as the details may change from time of going to press.


Classic and Commercial Vintage Show

Date: 9th June and 10th June 2018


British Motor Museum




Details: Two day event featuring over 400 vehicles, pre commercial, majority being pre 1990. Large Autojumble selling spares, photos, models etc.


Cornwall Truck Show

Date: 21st and 22nd July 2018

Location: Stithian’s Showground





Details: Large number of HGV Vehicles including; Old, New Custom, Vintage and Show Trucks.

There are also a number of trade stands and evening entertainment.


Classic Van and Pick-Up Show

Date: 5th August 2018 10:00 to 16:00


British Motor Museum




Details: Been running for 4 years with a wide range of light commercial vehicles including; Pick-up trucks, Vans, Police Cars, Vintage Vans and more.


Barnard Castle Truck Show

Date: 4th and 5th August 2018


Streatlam Farm

Barnard Castle

County Durham

DL12 8TZ

Details: Event Includes; Vintege Trucks, Auto Jumble, Camping, Commercial Stands, Show trucks and more.

Retro Truck Show 2017

Retro Truck Show 2017

The 9th and 10th September sees the 6th year of the Retro Truck Show. The show attracts over 350 of the best modern Classic Trucks from between the years 1960 to 2000.

Volvo, Scania and DAF as well as many other of the UK’s leading Truck Manufacturers will feature at the show.

There will also be a large indoor model show within the museum plus many trade stands. Other goods on sale include phots, models brochures etc.

Camping facilities are available including showers and toilets.

Quotax is one of the UK’s leading Classic truck Insurers, if you need cover to drive your vehicle to this event please do not hesitate to contact us. We are extremely competitive for Modern Classic Trucks and have a number of exclusive schemes.

Further details of the show can be found at: https://www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk/events/retro-truck-show

Please call our Truck specialists on 0208 691 9691 if you would like a quote from our experienced team.