Art that moves: A guide to truck shows and truck insurance

Did you know that the art scene on lorries and trucks originates from South Asia? Drivers would decorate their vehicles with religious symbols to protect them on their long journeys. Additionally, the more decorative a lorry, the higher chance that a company would see it and want to hire it for their own use. Over the years, this type of art has become popular in the West with lots of festivals popping up to celebrate and appreciate the hard work that goes into creating this moving art. With 285,000 lorries driven in the UK each year the truck community is a pretty big one. Through their insurance of lorries and trucks, Quotax has built some close relationships within this community. Speaking to Gavin Hicks, we provide you with all the tips and information you need to get involved and be successful at one of the many UK truck shows.

How did you become interested in the trucking community and particularly in truck art?
I’ve worked in haulage for most of my working life and therefore spend a lot of time in my truck and around other trucks. Being on the road a lot, I wanted a hobby that would suit my lifestyle and which I could enjoy with my friends. After trying a few different ones first, and after seeing some of my friends show trucks, this became a natural interest of mine and has since developed into something I’m very passionate about.

How do you decide on the design of your show truck?
There are lots of different designs, some are more current themes such as the Minions, and others are more classic retro styles. Personally, I wanted something that would stay timeless, not aging, and would always be recognised and loved. As a massive James Bond fan, having a 007 themed truck seemed only right. Not only is it classically British but it’s iconic and something which everyone can appreciate.

How long is the process from first design to completion?
It’s difficult to say because everyone is different; some people have a really clear vision of what they want their truck to look like and then it’s just about how much time you have available to spend on creating it. For others, like me, ideas can change and evolve as you see other show trucks and get influenced by them. It is also an ongoing process. The more shows you go to, the more new ideas you get and want to upgrade your truck. That’s what I love about it- it’s an ongoing process and you can always better your truck.

Do you take your truck to shows and if so what is your favourite show to go to?
Yes, I love going to shows! Due to Covid, a lot of the shows over the last year and a half have been cancelled which means, now that restrictions are easing, there are lots going on this year- I’ve got one nearly every weekend. My favourite has to be the Retro Truck Show. It’s one of the main ones in the UK and has the best atmosphere. Every truck there is of such high quality, it really is impressive.

What would be some of your top tips for people wanting to place in a truck show competition?
I think deciding on a budget and then accepting you won’t stick to that budget, is key. You can create amazing trucks but they do require time and money. However, detail and presentation are easily the most important factors. A truck that has intricate design details always stands out. It’s also super important to have good friends. Going to these shows with other people who share your passion really makes all the difference and makes it all so much more enjoyable.

What are the best communities for people to join who are new to this?
There are so many amazing communities out there and lots of welcoming groups on Instagram and Facebook! I’m part of two Facebook groups and we are all lovely and happy to welcome new members to our community- @trucksthatshine and @southwesttruckers

What made you decide to insure your truck with Quotax?
There are not many insurance companies who will not only insure trucks, but insurance them at a good price. I am very lucky that I found Quotax and knowing that I have good insurance has definitely helped make the process of getting into truck art a lot smoother. Also, it has provided me with a sense of ease which has meant that I can enjoy my hobby without the worry or concern of insurance.

We know it can be difficult to find insurance that covers your individual needs but we also understand that everyone has to start somewhere. At Quotax, we offer a range of insurance policies from Classic Lorry or Truck insurance for those vintage vehicles, to finding you tailored cover for your HGV. For more information about our insurance policies or to get a quote, please contact us on 0208 691 9691 or visit the contact page for other ways to contact us.