Why minibuses are a great transport option

With the latest lockdown restrictions continuing to ease, the British public now have more freedom with activities which include: Overnight stays, weddings of up to 30 people, indoor adult sporting events, small indoor and outdoor events and more.

For groups of people who are now looking to travel to different areas around the UK, a minibus may be the perfect mode of transport, especially during the pandemic.

Avoiding public transport

Using a minibus service means that your group has less risk of coming into contact with someone with Covid-19 than if they were to use public transport. Not only that, it also protects others on public transport from potentially catching the virus and passing on to further people. 

Having your own minibus to travel with also allows you to sanitise surfaces in the vehicle, therefore, reducing the risk of the virus being transmitted to passengers. With public transport, even with sanitisation products in use, the chances of catching the virus from touching surfaces will be much higher than when hiring your own minibus for a trip. Additionally, with Covid-19 aside, public transport can often be unreliable and a lot less convenient!

Cheaper mode of transportation

Taking a number of cars to get an entire group to an event will result in a much larger fuel cost. Using a minibus to transport all passengers is much more cost-effective, whilst reducing the headache of trying to arrange to meet each other when you arrive. This will also have a negative impact on the environment due to the extra pollution caused by multiple vehicles being used to travel.

Using public transport can also be very expensive, especially if there is quite a distance to travel. Train, taxi and bus fares can all add up to make a very expensive trip! Rail fares, for example, have risen an extra 2.6% in England and Wales recently, meaning that ticket costs have gone up by more than RPI (Retail Price Index) inflation for the first time since 2013. So overall, a minibus may be a much cheaper alternative.

Convenient for small groups

One of the stand out benefits of hiring a minibus is their convenience. You can have a group all together in one vehicle, you’ll have plenty of room for luggage and you can ride in comfort. 

Groups and organisations that hold sporting events, for example, will often hire minibuses or coaches as it takes the stress out of the journey as there will only be one designated driver and not several. As mentioned previously, public transport can be unreliable, therefore for sports events that are timely, minibuses are extremely convenient to get everyone there on time.

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