Do not be tempted to display copied or forged area identifiers


Unless there are significant mitigating factors, drivers found working without displaying their area identifiers will face further action.
TfL say this action will typically be:
A written warning for a first offence.
A period of suspension for a second offence.
Revocation of the driver’s licence for a third offence.
To date, a total of 104 written warnings have been issued to drivers found by the TPH Compliance team not displaying both area identifiers while working.
A further 8 drivers have so far had their licence suspended for a minimum period of one month.
In addition, further to reports received via the reporting tool at, 73 letters have been sent to drivers advising that a report has been received and reminding them of their obligations to always display the area identifiers whilst working.
Since the area identifiers have been introduced, TfL has been working closely with the police to investigate and follow up instances of licensed and unlicensed drivers using forged area identifiers.
To date, 25 arrests have been made by the police for suspected forged area identifier use. Of these, 16 arrests are for drivers that are licensed to work in Suburban areas but have used forged All London identifiers. The remaining 9 are unlicensed drivers using forged area identifiers. Investigations are also underway into a number of other cases.
Of the 16 arrests so far, 6 drivers have had their licences revoked and the remainder are subject to their fitness to remain licensed being reviewed.