Taxi drivers benefiting from more card fares

Findings from the VeriFone TransAction Driver Reward Scheme confirm that card taxi fare payments have increased by up to 14.5% since the scheme began in March 2013.

Results show that cab drivers who rent their cab and are using the VeriFone system took an average of 19 card transactions each in November 2013 – an increase of 14.5% since the Scheme began in March. Ben Priestley of VeriFone stressed how important it is for drivers to adjust to the needs of their passengers. “Not everyone wanted to accept cards at first but the majority of drivers now give their passengers the choice.

They’re keeping the business that they’d previously turned away, they’re giving the public the option and they’re helping to combat competition from public transport and private hire. We must keep the momentum up and provide drivers with the best solutions, deals and benefits.”

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