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Large Fleet of ”Poo Buses” to be rolled out in Bristol

Following a trial of a 40 seater Bio Bus in Bristol the council are now looking to extend the trial and run 110 gas powered double-deckers.

The Buses run on biomethane gas that is generated from sewage and organic waste. The proposal has been pushed forward to the government with a request to extend the service.

The regular users are full of praise for the trial we caught up with James Byers who said, ‘’the poo bus not only runs quietly and on time but makes me feel good as I know that we are helping the environment, I am looking forward to the day when the technology allows me to power my own car from my own waste.’’

Using today’s technology a years’ worth of Mr Byer’s waste would only allow the bio bus to travel 37 miles so we may be a little while off yet.

With Technology moving so quickly and the pressures from the government to reduce bus emissions it is surely only a matter of time before this will become mainstream.

How the Bio Coach works

· The gas is compressed and stored in dome tanks on the roof of the Bus
· The impurities are removed this leads to a virtually odour free emissions
· Up to 30% less CO2 is produced compared to diesel vehicles
· The vehicle is powered by biogas that has been upgraded this means that CO2 is removed and Propane is added.