Moving forward

Following the announcement on 21st November from Nissan that it has suspended its London Taxi Project pending the outcome of London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone consultation, there have been many comments from the trade.

The whole ULEZ consultation means there are many unanswered questions about the future of the trade at the moment. The fact is that that currently there is no taxi available to buy that is zero emission capable, but by 2018 this may have changed. Taxi Globe asked Peter Johansen, Vice President of The London Taxi Company for his comments. He said: “The London taxi trade is world famous for its high standards and proud heritage. It is a trade we are hugely proud to serve.

“The industry across the globe is continuously adapting to reflect evolving consumer needs, changing economic conditions and the need to become more sustainable and universally accessible to all. This is especially the case in London where regulators set a high pace for change. Nissan’s decision to postpone the launch of their taxi into London is the most recent reflection of some of these factors. But our previous difficulties and the issues currently being faced by Mercedes/KPM only serve to underline that success within the London hackney carriage market is no mean feat.

“That’s why we deliberately design and produce a purpose built taxi to meet the conditions for the London market. It’s also why we are always seeking new ways to improve the vehicle quality and service care we provide to our customers. This matters now more than ever. We know that some drivers will be disappointed not to see a new entrant into the market at this point. But we’re also confident in the product we’re offering now for professional drivers that want to drive the original iconic London Taxi, which is a favourite for tourists and commuters alike. Competition is vital for any automotive manufacturer and we know we must always fight for our place in London and beyond. The London Taxi now graces the streets of more than 40 cities across the world with any success firmly based on the foundations set and maintained by thousands of men and women in our capital city.

“As we move forward as a company and develop new products and services to meet changing demands we are confident that our experience and, more importantly, our relationship with the trade – from industry bodies to individual drivers – provides us with a clear competitive advantage.

“We are proud of our joint heritage with the London Taxi trade and our historical standing as a truly British icon. This is what drives us, every minute of every day.”