Tips for HGV Operators in Snow and adverse Weather

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With Winter now having arrive it is essential that when Operating a Lorry Fleet you are prepared.

Keep an eye on the conditions

  • Regularly check the weather reports and keep up to date with any changes in road conditions
  • If your fleet of HGVs is operating across the UK or Europe the conditions can vary considerably from one region to the next make sure you get weather reports for all regions and update your drivers
  • Where weather conditions are severe update clients with delivery expectations well in avance.


Ensure your drivers are prepared

  • Discuss driving in difficult conditions with your fleet and ensure they are competent and know what to do in extreme weather.
  • Drivers can be sent on extra training courses to give them experience in driving in bad road conditions
  • For prolonged periods of snow consider fitting winter tyres to your fleet.


Driver Hours

  • Where deliveries are taking longer much longer than usual keep a close eye on driver hours it is sometimes possible to extend driver hours speak to the relevant authorities.