Elderly man in wheel chair being lifted into a minibus

Why Minibuses Are Essential For Care Homes

Minibuses associated with care homes across the UK provide greater flexibility for residents, including wheelchair accessibility for those who require additional mobility support when travelling places. Covid-19 has highlighted the use of minibuses within care homes due to the elderly needing to travel safely. Minibuses are used for the safe travel of residents and carers for leisure trips and essential journeys, including to hospitals for medical assessments.

Why Is It Essential?

As we get older, being able to get out and about into society is a vital way to stay part of the local community and to access local amenities. Although free local bus travel is a lifeline for the elderly who do not drive, for some this isn’t an option as those who live rurally and have no local bus service available to them still need to be able to travel to necessary places. Additionally, some have mobility issues which may prevent them from using public transport due to needing extra assistance while being on their own.

This is why minibuses are so important as many cater to those in care homes, including wheelchair-accessible minibus services and befriending schemes. This is where the befriender is a travelling companion for an elderly person, and can assist them around the community and on and off the minibus.

Elderly man in wheel chair being lifted into a minibus

Why minibuses are essential for care homes

Minibuses are not only great for residents at care homes, but also the carers themselves. Some are designed to provide excellent accessibility for the disabled, enabling carers to carry out their daily tasks with ease, ensuring the resident is safe and comfortable at all times. Any trips away from the care home are hassle-free, allowing the resident to make both essential and non-essential journeys with ease.

Not being able to travel at all can greatly impact the mental wellbeing of people, causing further issues in the long run. This is why minibuses are set in place to help people who are in their later years commute to places, allowing them to enjoy life and be able to experience daily activities.

Transport services will usually take residents to these locations:

  • To attend GP or hospital appointments
  • To go to the shops (either with or without a companion or carer)
  • To visit a loved one
  • To attend lunch clubs or day centres to join in in activities
  • To get out and about e.g. a walk in the park

How We Can Help?

Here at Quotax, we understand that not all minibuses are the same, you may have a wheelchair lift or taken seats out to accommodate medical equipment. We have a number of specialist care home minibus Insurance schemes, please give our experts a call so they can provide cover to suit your needs.

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