Pink Minibus heads to Brighton to attract Women voters

Labour’s controversial pink minibus designed to attract women voters has been driven to Brighton to drum up support. Last week the brightly coloured vehicle was launched by Harriet Harman. Following the launch the Minibus sparked a storm of comments from the nations press, many of them labelling it ‘’sexist, patronising and stupid.’’

Labour Pink Minibus heads to Broghton

The minibus has the slogan ‘’Women are Women’’ written along both side of this. Ms Harman said ‘’the Minibus had to be eye catching because there is a huge hole in the democratic politics, in the last election 9.1 million women didn’t vote.’’

The minibus will be used to ferry women from Labours shadow cabinet, Local government and Trade unions will discuss with women issues such as work play balance, domestic violence equal pay and other issues.

The minibus has already been used to visit 70 marginal constituencies.