Ponytail Gives away Unlicenced Driver

A Manchester man who had operated a hackney carriage without a licence or insurance has been ordered to pay more than £900 and received eight penalty points in Court on November 6. He was stopped back in May and when questioned gave a false name and produced a fake licence that did not look like him. The driver, Mr Ali had a full head of hair but claimed the picture of an older man with a bald head was his; he said he had been using hair regrowth products and underwent a transplant using horse hair. He was fined £50 for being an unlicensed hackney carriage driver, £80 for driving without insurance and £165 for taking the vehicle without consent, as well as being ordered to pay £589 in costs and a victim surcharge of £20. Checks found that Ali had previously held a Hackney carriage licence but had been refused a new application in April 2012.