Insurance Premium Tax to rise from November

The Chancellor George Osborne has just announced a rise in Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) from 6% to 9.5% from November.

This tax will apply to the following lines of insurance: Mobile Insurance, Minibus Insurance, Short Term Minibus Insurance, Taxi Insurance, Care Home Insurance, Fleet Insurance, Home Insurance.

The British Insurance Brokers Association estimate this increase will effect 19.6 million motor insurance policies, 20 million Home insurance polices

This increase will also effect any mid-term adjustments made on the policy as insurance premium tax is also charged then.

IPT was first introduced in Oct 1994 and since then has increased regularly. It was last increased in 2011 when it went from 5% to 6%.



Vandalised Scout Minibus

Cadet’s Minibus vandalised

Vandalised Scout Minibus

Horsham Sea Cadets have recently set up a crowdfunding campaign to replace or repair their minibus after it was vandalised.

Both the minibuses wing mirrors were snapped off by heartless criminals which has now left not roadworthy.

The cadets had planned to use the vehicle this weekend for Spark’s in the park

Scout Leaders appeal for return of their Minibus

Following the theft of the groups 17 seater minibus the Reindeer Explorer Scouts leaer made an appeal for it’s safe return.

The Minibus was stolen from the car park of St Edmond’s Church in Trap Hill, Loughton between 5pm June 21st and 7pm Tuesday 23rdJune.

The minibus was bought last December for £19,000 following extensive fundraising efforts after their old vehicle became too unreliable.

The Scout group showed their frustration by taking to social media with the comment ‘’God knows where you live.’’

The group used the minibus for all of their trips and it was due to be used in the coming weeks but now alternative transport has to arranged.

Anyone with any information regarding the vehicle registration BV13 YND should contact Essex Police on 101.

Charity Insurance

Chinese Police have pulled over a 6 seater vehicle to find 51 passengers travelling in it.

The video shows the moment Police pulled over a vehicle to find 51 people crammed inside.

The vehicle was seen travelling slowly, swaying and almost touching the floor in Guizhou province on Sunday.

The car which is less than half the size of a minibus and was carrying as many passengers as some coaches.

The driver said he was driving all the migrants to a construction site and didn’t want to make more than one trip. The 4 seats at the back of the small minivan were removed to cram people in the back standing up.

The 3 front seats of the vehicle were taken up by the managers who amazing had the seats to themselves with seat belts on.

 The driver of the vehicle is now facing a huge fine and a ban.  

Charity Minibus insurance

300 Communities win share of £25 million minibus fund

Across England more than 300 local charities and community groups will receive new minibuses from the Department for Transport’s £25 million community transport minibus fund.

The minibuses will help transport elderly residents, people with learning difficulties or who are disabled who do not have access to transport.

The minibuses will be used to transport venerable members of the community to medical services, shops and social events.

The successful applications will receive a 9 – 16 seater minibus that has been specifically adapted for their requirements, such as tail lift to allow disabled access or adapted seating.

List of successful applications (

Interactive map showing successful schemes (

New 9 seater Minibus Insurance cover rates

Here at Quotax we have negotiated new rates for 9 seater minibus insurance.

Managing Director John Fosker added ‘’ Certain Insurers on our panel have recognised that 9 seat minibus insurance should be cheaper than vehicles with 17 seats. Most of the costs on claims comes from the personal injury, particularly in larger seated minibuses. Our insurers have recognised there should be a difference in price between a 9 seat minibus insurance quote and a 17 seater insurance quote.’’

Please call our team if you are looking for a quote for a 9 to 17 seat minibus today.


Temporary Minibus insurance cover launch

Quotax are pleased to announce that they have just launch a market exclusive Short term/temporary minibus insurance policy.

Managing Director John Fosker added ‘’Our Minibus team were getting asked on a daily basis for short term cover for minibus from the likes of charitable organisations, day trips and family holidays. We recognised there was a niche market for temporary insurance cover for minibuses and have subsequently set up a scheme to accommodate our clients. Please contact our team who specialise in Minibus insurance who will be more than happy to offer you a competitive price.’’

Scout Group Minibus recovered by Police

Traffic Commissioner revokes Minibus licences after poor operating standards

Teeside has recently seen 3 firms have their Licences revoked and two new applications were refused.

The Traffic Commissioner for the North East, Kevin Rooney said, ‘’Operating a minibus is something that cannot be taken lightly. It is not good enough to fill in an application form, get the Licence and then ignore or neglect the operating standards.’’

Mr Rooney said his experience revealed the need for ‘’urgent and significant improvement in their approach to safe and legal operations.’’

At the hearing Euro Cars, Blueline Travel and Khan’s in Stockton all had their licences revoked. East Coast Travel in Middlesborough had his licence suspended indefinitely whilst two other had their licence applications refused.

Mr Rooney then went on to say ‘’The rules are there for a very good reason – to keep minibus passengers safe and make sure there is fair competition in the market.’’

Scout Group Minibus recovered by Police

Scout Minibus found by police after being stolen from leaders drive

Police have found a stolen minibus, taken from the Scout leaders drive on the 16th February

The 17-seater bus is used by the 81st Birmingham and 1st West Heath Scout Group and is due to be used at the weekend for a Scout camping trip.

The Leader said ‘’The Scouts are delighted that their much loved minibus has been found. It is hoped that they can use the minibus for this weekends trip. The minibus is vital for the group and without it the Scout group cannot function. Please keep an eye out for my car, registration BD54 YDU any information call 101.’’

The group leader’s private car a Silver Renault Megane estate was also taken from his drive registration number BD54 YDU. Police have asked anyone with any information to call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Scout Group Minibus recovered by Police


Labour Pink Minibus heads to Broghton

Pink Minibus heads to Brighton to attract Women voters

Labour’s controversial pink minibus designed to attract women voters has been driven to Brighton to drum up support. Last week the brightly coloured vehicle was launched by Harriet Harman. Following the launch the Minibus sparked a storm of comments from the nations press, many of them labelling it ‘’sexist, patronising and stupid.’’

Labour Pink Minibus heads to Broghton

The minibus has the slogan ‘’Women are Women’’ written along both side of this. Ms Harman said ‘’the Minibus had to be eye catching because there is a huge hole in the democratic politics, in the last election 9.1 million women didn’t vote.’’

The minibus will be used to ferry women from Labours shadow cabinet, Local government and Trade unions will discuss with women issues such as work play balance, domestic violence equal pay and other issues.

The minibus has already been used to visit 70 marginal constituencies.